Liquitex art prize grand prix Ayano Honda, and
two semi grand prix Makiko Satake and Tessan Watabe,
they exhibit in London.
This photo is The Griffin Gallery,there management
by Col Art co., I received photo and upload is it.
I had a dream in the sleep, it's my these paintings subject matter.
This is change from sentence,the same way as trinity's solo exhibition
"sceneries from my dream".
I prepare the 25 paintings, and include 5 paintings past showed.
I successfully finished paintings, bring to Bonny Col art co.,
It's send to London from there.
I'd like to be helpful even so my ability is limited.
I was given so far didn't experience chance, I appreciate it.

Winner of Liquitex Art prize Group exhibition in London.

grand prix Ayano Honda
semi grand prix Makiko Satake
semi grand prix Tessan Watabe


at The Griffin Gallery

Liquitex Art prize website